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The North Face - Women Purple Texture Stripe Pullover Hoodie by The North Face

Ur-ID 185549 The North Face - Women Purple Texture Stripe Pullover Hoodie by The North Face




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Your attention is on women's Pullover Sweater by The North Face. The modern lady has to be careful when selecting fashion Sweater. The Purple color, the shape and the style reveal her character. Our request: Assist other visitors to know more about "0-0-1825748-0". Share your experience:
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  • Designer: The North Face
  • Product title: The North Face - Women Purple Texture Stripe (...)
  • Where to buy:
  • Price: $24.99
  • Price range: $21 - $28
  • Cost level: Basic class
  • Main nuance: Purple
  • Feature: Pullover style
  • Suitable season: Fall / Winter
  • Suitable for: Daily use
  • Item popularity®: 201 points
  • Brand rating: 284 points
  • First seen: October, 2014
    Tech details
  • Urbanboss serial ID 185549
  • Product SKU: 0-0-1825748-0
  • Production model: a381719de5341d8bf4d08d6d1bcf0282
  • Certificate: bb4c392fb783184b5d1297655aabab8d
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