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The North Face - Women Blue,Green Half Dome Hoodie by The North Face

Ur-ID 215380 The North Face - Women Blue,Green Half Dome Hoodie by The North Face


$99 - Daddy Yankee
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Your attention is on women's Hoodie Sweater by The North Face. The modish lady should pay attention when buying fashion Sweater. The Blue color, the shape and the style show a lot about her personal traits. Idea: Help other people to read more about the Sweater. Share your thoughts:
• Is the item durable?
• Where did you buy the style at the lowest value?

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  • Brand: The North Face
  • Title: The North Face - Women Blue,Green Half Dome Hoodie
  • Retailer:
  • Price: $32.99
  • Price range: $28 - $37
  • Cost level: Reasonable price
  • Main color: Blue
  • Design: Hoodie style
  • Best seasons: Fall / Winter
  • Suggested for: Daily use
  • Item rating®: 160 points
  • Make popularity: 284 points
  • Date first available: July, 2015
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  • Urbanboss model # 215380
  • Model SKU: 0-0-1878012-0
  • Production model: 604670da27e3d8c257d0d4d25e1d9255
  • Certificate: 81242717563271664f25f48cc4333644
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