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Reebok Live CrossFit Hoodie by Reebok

Ur-ID 117314 Reebok Live CrossFit Hoodie by Reebok


$21 - Fashion Lab
pay 53% less
$28 - Under Armour
pay 37% less
$17 - Fashion Lab
pay 62% less
$41 - Street Style
pay 8% less
$28 - Under Armour
cost 37% less
$21 - Fashion Lab
cost 53% less
$17 - Fashion Lab
cost 62% less
$41 - Street Style
save 8%


• Colors: White in fashion: White is one of the most expressive colours,... read more

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STORE INFO STORE INFO is an US-inspired, global brand dedicated for sports and lifestyle products. The site offers a wide range of athletic and fitness clothing for men and women. accepts all major credit cards. The payment process is secured with strong 256-bit SSL connection. Reebok ships internationally.

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Your attention is on women's Hoodie Sweater by Reebok. The good-looking lady should be careful when purchasing fashion Sweater. The White color, the shape and the style show her individuality. Be useful: Let's help other customers to get more information about "Reebok Live CrossFit Hoodie". Share your thoughts:
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  • Make: Reebok
  • Name: Reebok Live CrossFit Hoodie
  • Store: Reebok
  • Price: $45
  • Price margin: $38 - $51
  • Price level: Reasonable price
  • Color: White
  • Main characteristic: Hoodie style
  • Recommended season: Fall / Winter
  • When to use: Daily use
  • Product popularity®: 426 points
  • Designer rating: 846 points
  • Month of release: January, 2013
    Tech details
  • Urbanboss serial ID 117314
  • Item SKU: 0-L97952_L-0-0
  • Production model: 4107ab23f52d382f5b325aea944b1631
  • Certificate: f4d8f702eed4ca159ab58458ff97ca03
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