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Puma Women Sweepter 24" Training Duffel Black 1SZ by Puma

Ur-ID 215059 Puma Women Sweepter 24



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Your attention is on women's Shoulder bag Bag by Puma. The modern lady has to be careful when selecting fashion Bag. The Black color, the shape and the style reveal her character. Our request: Assist other visitors to know more about "0-0-1874570-0". Share your experience:
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  • Designer: Puma
  • Product title: Puma Women Sweepter 24" Training Duffel Black 1SZ
  • Online merchant:
  • Price: $21.99
  • Price scope: $18 - $25
  • Value level: Basic class
  • Shade: Black
  • Main feature: Shoulder bag style
  • Suitable season: All seasons
  • Suitable for: Daily use
  • Style popularity®: 200 points
  • Brand rating: 834 points
  • First seen: July, 2015
    Tech details
  • Urbanboss model # 215059
  • SKU: 0-0-1874570-0
  • Production model: dc2946229e3b343dd62b5db66596b1b8
  • Certificate: 7999f84e9070e4c3497f063dde08b0cb
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