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Women's Swimwear Trends

If you are planning to go to the beach or at least to the swimming pool this summer, you will need the proper swimwear. Each year the urban fashion stage sees more and more creativity in swimwear – bold prints, fresh styles, unusual cuts and a variety of colours. This summer will be no exception – the classics meet the modern and the result is beautiful and appealing. Here are the top trends in women’s swimwear for 2013.

1. Colourful: This summer it’s all about the prints and the eye-catching colours. Tropical colours such as orange, red, yellow and neon green can make any woman look sexier. They will dominate the summer fashion.

2.  Wild prints: The bold and bright leopard and tiger prints are back in swimwear, with even bolder cuts.

3. Bandeau bikini: These are the swimwear tops which don’t have straps. For women with bigger chests it’s recommendable to choose a solid-coloured bandeau. For those with smaller chests - all kinds of prints, knits and fringes will create the illusion of a wider upper-body area. White, purple and red are popular colours for this style. Another trend is the top and bottom in contrasting colours.

4. Monokinis: This style is still quite popular, especially for those who like to change swimwear during the day and feel extra comfortable at the beach. The monokinis are feminine, unique and perfect for swimming.

5. High-waisted bikini: Definitely not a style for every woman out there, but the classic twist does elongate the legs and can accentuate the waist beautifully. The high-waisted bikini bottoms cover the problem areas and accentuate the curves of the woman.

6. Ruffles and Criss-cross Straps: Great swimwear is unusual, brave and different. The straps crossing the waist, the ruffles on the top and the pretty ribbons are feminine and charming.

Without doubt the swimwear this year will be anything but conventional.

author: Teodora Todorova

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