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Women's Sandals

When it comes to women’s sandals the most important feature remains comfortableness. But more and more women prefer unique and individual footwear these days. Women’s urban sandals come in many designs, forms and height, and it is sometimes hard to choose the right pair. Choose your sandals to fit the occasion or event you will wear them at. A casual option is the slip-on sandal. You can easily slip your foot in, there are no straps, and most of these sandals are absolutely flat, which makes them really comfortable.

They are perfect for outdoor activities and they also keep the feet cool. Flat sandals are the perfect choice for women who aren’t used to high heels. Flat sandals don’t have to be plain – you can choose a pair in a vibrant color, or with straps, embellishments or beads. Very popular among the flat sandals is the gladiator type. High-heeled sandals range from 3 to 6 inches in height. They may have ties, bows, open toes, as long as they hold the feet with only straps, they are considered sandals. Another kind of women’s sandals is the wedged heels. They are very comfortable and safer than the heeled ones. The most common design has open toes, but the height of the heel can vary from low to platform. The perfect pair of footwear can make you feel extra confident and doesn’t have to be pricey to look good.

Open-toed women’s sandals pair beautifully with a light summer dress, a playsuit, or even your swimwear. Choose a bolder color, such as orange, teal or pink. These are totally trendy, as well as beads, sequins and ruffles on top. A unique pair of women’s flip flops can turn a casual outfit into something special and eye-catching. When you choose your sandals, be aware which fabrics will feel better on your feet. Elastic bands and straps are much more comfortable. Sandals are popular for their adaptability to different types of occasions – for the pool, for an evening walk in town, during shopping, or even at more formal events, such as eating out in a restaurant and weddings. It all depends on what pair you will choose.

A woman can never have too many shoes, so consider having a few casual pairs of sandals, and a few formal ones. Flip-flops and flat sandals don’t necessarily have to match your outfit, they can be a fashion statement on their own. However, more formal sandals need to compliment the rest of your attire, especially when worn at formal events. Flat sandals make it a lot easier to walk and balance on your feet, but they can never give you that specific air of confidence and elegance, like the heeled sandals.

Flat sandals are perfect footwear for spring and summer, combined with skinny jeans, short and long skirts. Women’s sandals is a very wide term for footwear, as you will find a big variety of types and fashions. Bring your individuality to whatever pair of sandals you choose and you can’t go wrong. Choose from the collection of beautiful urban Women’s sandals.

author: Teodora Todorova

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