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Women's Print Tops

Women’s urban tops offer many prints to choose from stripes, checks and spots to animal prints, florals and beyond. It is advisable to consider your body shape before choosing a print top. Certain prints can flatter your body shape more than others. If your lower body is bigger, it is better to choose print top and plain bottoms. Stripes can make you look thinner, while checks usually make your shoulders look broader. Animal prints are big statement, so make sure that is the only statement of your outfit. Animal printed tops are better paired with neutral bottoms like black, beige, brown, grey and white.

These prints draw lots of attention, so wear an animal print top only if you think it will flatter your upper body. Checked tops are casual, pretty and romantic, so having a few in different colors is a good idea. They pair perfect with dark jeans or denim skirts. Avoid wearing a checked top with striped bottoms or a striped bag. This is a big clash and only few haute couture designers can pull it off.

Wearing t-shirts with quotes or words can even be a great conversation starter. The key to wearing prints is to learn to balance things out. If you choose a print top, stick to neutral bottoms. You should also have in mind that different print tops create different styles – street, punk, rock, preppy, skater and others. If you are sure what the print top will say about you and your personality, then buy it without contemplation. Keep your accessories simple when wearing a print top.

No matter the print, you don’t want to attract too much attention. Print tops are part of the casual wear, even when worn at a night out, so avoid sparkling accessories. If you choose to wear a multicolor print top, make sure your bottoms are either dark and neutral or denim.

Print tops with one shoulder, as well as the ones revealing your back look fabulous on a night out. Tops with printed cartoon characters have become extremely popular. Some women consider them childish and too casual, but others pair them with dark skinny jeans, a fitted blazer and few bangles and create a very trendy look.

Wearing a print t-shirt and high heels is not always a winning idea, but there are exceptions. If you choose the right kind of print t-shirt, which will accentuate your assets and black pumps for instance, you will look unique and chic. Casual wear, like any other piece of clothing, should be, above all, a celebration of the woman’s individuality, style and uniqueness.

Don’t be afraid to create fashion statements and look edgy with a memorable new outfit. Urbanboss offers a big collection of various print tops, for any style and body. Browse the trendy print tops by the best urban fashion brands.

author: Teodora Todorova

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