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Women's Blue Jeans

In today’s fashion world there are so many styles, washes, cuts, colors and brands of women’s jeans that it can be a real challenge finding the right pair. Women’s blue jeans come in traditional blue, indigo wash, acid wash (very light denim), distressed blue (a multi-colored look), classic denim and faded denim. Blue color makes the wearer feel relaxed and it is a color that you can wear throughout the year.

Blue jeans go best with black or dark colored heels. There are many styles of denims, so consider your style and figure. Getting your measurements right is essential, because blue will accentuate your curves.  Blue jeans have become an American classic, but they weren’t invented there. The fabric of the “denim” was made in France and it dates back to the 1600s. It was originally used by sailors in the navy of Genoa and that is where the name “jeans” derives from – Genoa is pronounced “genes” in French. Nowadays, the whole world wears jeans and blue jeans are classic.

Having a few pairs of comfortable jeans in your wardrobe will make it easier to pair with your other clothes and create different looks every day. Buy jeans which fit your size and figure and feel comfortable. They will flatter your body and you can easily find the ones that are currently trendy, but also fit you well. Blue jeans are extremely versatile, you can wear them in any season – with knits, t-shirts, tunics, cardigans, blazers, ankle boots and high boots.

A good choice of blue jeans for a woman with thicker thighs is boyfriend jeans. They fit tight around the butt, but are slightly loose at the leg. They offer comfort and style and look like you took them straight out of your boyfriend’s closet. When you choose blue jeans remember that medium to dark wash is the easiest choice, because they will blend in the rest of your wardrobe.

Light blue jeans will look pretty for spring and summer, paired with gladiators or flat sandals and a top in white, baby blue, peach or pink. If you choose to wear distressed jeans or ripped jeans with shredded holes, keep the top of your body simple – a plain top, or v-neck shirt is enough. You can put accessories, but avoid print shirts. Blue jeans are casual wear, but they steel require some balance.

Another choice for blue jeans is the denim shorts, which are perfect for the summer and can be worn with an oversized top or even at the beach. If you want something longer than shorts, buy a pair of three-fourth jeans, throw on high heels or flats and you are ready for a summer day out. Urbanboss offers a beautiful selection of women’s blue jeans for everyday wear. Browse offers and deals and treat yourself to a pair of new blue jeans.

author: Teodora Todorova

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