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Women?s black shoes

Women’s urban black shoes are very popular and it is hard to find a woman’s wardrobe without at least a pair of black shoes. Black is a neutral color, and that makes it quite versatile. Black shoes can look good with almost anything – skinny jeans, skirts, dresses. It is the color that never goes out of style and no wardrobe is complete without a pair of black shoes. Black shoes easily create different styles and if you want an outfit which will be complimentary to your black shoes, then choose between red, blue, green, purple or turquoise.

For a harmonious look, choose an outfit in black or grey, and for a more dramatic look – white, or any bright color with black accents. It can be a challenge choosing the perfect black shoes – should it be patent shoes, peep toes shoes, ballet shoes, stilettos, pumps or boots. It is up to the personal style of the wearer, the individuality of the woman and the occasion.

Patent shoes and pumps create a sophisticated and chic look, which is not for everyday wear. If you aim at elegance at your workplace, the patent shoes are a good idea – they will look good, and feel comfortable, within a reasonable height of the heel. These shoes can be paired with a suit, a fitted skirt, or trousers and will look equally well.

A “dressier” chic idea is pairing pumps with casual jeans and a fitted top. This is a trendy and very feminine outfit. If you are not a fan of high heels, pick black ballet shoes and wear them with tights, leggings and a skirt. High heels, however, will complement any dress you are wearing, make you legs look longer and give you confidence.

Shoes determine a woman’s style. Black court shoes are women’s favourite, because they are easily adapted to different occasions. A good idea is the low heeled black pump, with a heel of only 2 inches, which is perfect for interviews and business meetings. It fits the feet well and doesn’t attract too much attention. They are versatile enough to pair with anything.

The flat black shoes are considered semi-casual. They are usually worn with jeans or slacks, come in loads of great colors and materials. Black shoes can work for the summer too, particularly heels. They are a safe idea for a casual dinner party or at the office, if there is not strict dress code. Black shoes love pretty jewelry, like silver, pearls and diamonds. The urban woman also wears black sneakers, wedges and fur boots.

Urbanboss offers a wide range of black shoes for women – from the most common styles to the really bold ones, such as studded ankle boots, open toe boots and uggs. You can choose from up to 500 styles of beautiful women’s black shoes.

author: Teodora Todorova

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