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Women?s black jeans

Jeans are an absolute must for a woman’s wardrobe. Choosing the right color of jeans can be a challenge, depending on the style you want to achieve, the occasion and your figure. Black jeans are a very good choice for urban women’s jeans. You will always look your best in a pair of black jeans. They are the most versatile color for jeans, easily paired with various shoes and accessories. Black slims down the legs and elongates the body better than any other color. It also matches well with just about any other color. You can find a number of shades even in black color.

You can choose between the plain black, distressed, shredded style, faded black, acid wash, grayish-black and bluish-black, as well as embellishments like studs and zippers. It isn’t hard to decide what color to pair black with – it is the most convenient color, creating various combinations, which are equally trendy.

When choosing jeans you have a variety of cuts too – the most famous cut being boot cut, ever since the 1980s, also straight fit and slim fit, distressed, loose fit and others. You can wear your black jeans with a checkered shirt, for a laid-back, but trendy look, with a print t-shirt, or an oversized t-shirt with a V-neck for a more urban chic look. A simple tunic will look great with black jeans, especially if you add a couple of nice accessories, like a scarf or a pendant necklace.

Black jeans will look nice with a leather jacket, a blazer, a long freely cardigan, a vest or a button-down shirt. Black jeans offer so many different looks, that you would find it hard not to wear them every day. When it comes to footwear, you can wear black jeans with dark brown ankle boots, or knee high boots with a little bit of heel. Flat boots and black jeans create a very casual urban look. For a night out in town, wear peep-toe shoes for a more feminine touch. You can use the black as a backdrop for your clothes in bright colors.

Black jeans will make any top stand out – coral, red and deep blue go particularly good with black. You can wear black jeans in summer too, with soft color top and strappy sandals in gold or silver. If you want to be comfortable, wear athletic shoes, including running shoes, with long black jeans. If you don’t always want to wear formal trousers at your workplace, you can try and cheat the “no jeans policy” by wearing black straight leg jeans. They will appear as skinny-leg trousers, if paired with a blouse and a blazer or a jacket.

This little trick will make you feel more comfortable and offers an easy transition to going out straight after work. Urbanboss offers a selection of great women’s black jeans of all cuts by the best urban brands. Browse offers and deals and shop for women’s black jeans.

author: Teodora Todorova

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