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Winter Colour Trends

Winter has oficially begun and it is well upon us, so it'high time we pay attention to some of the trends in urbanwear, namely the colours that will reign this cold season. Forget everything you think you know about what you should and shouldn't wear in winter and embrace the new trends.

Think green - dark, neon, pale and all its hues in between. Green is going to be the trendiest colour in 2014 and since it's on the cold spectrum it's only fair to wear most in winter. Pair it with black, blue, grey and red. Accessorize bravely and you'll be in love with the colour by the end of winter.

White - in spring, summer, winter, autumn - the season doesn't matter, all it matters is your attitude. Off-white, cream, ivory and all its hues that you adore are popular this year. Don't forget that accessories count too - scarves, bags, hats, gloves. 

Last, but not least - embrace multicolours in prints, graphics and various patterns. Purple, beige and off-white are massive trends. 

Happy shopping!

author: Teodora Todorova

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