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White Dresses

One of the hottest trends in women’s urban fashion is the timeless white dress. Whether it’s a maxi dress, a short sundress or a floral one, white is one of the most feminine colours for women. It’s the perfect colour for summer when the sun is hot and white makes the tan look even better.

Of course there are styles that work better than others, but overall having at least one white dress in the wardrobe is a rule of thumb for the modern woman. Look for a wrap dress – body-wrapping style suits most figures. A close-fitting dress which falls two-four inches above the knees looks extremely sexy without being too revealing.

A style that definitely doesn’t work and you should avoid altogether is white see through fabric. Even if the fabric is thick enough you need to carefully choose the under garments, as light may give away them. Nude or light underwear is perfect for this purpose.

If you decide to choose a strapless white dress, keep in mind it looks best on tall women. If you are short a strapless white dress will give the illusion of being too short and disproportional against the stomach and hips.

A white dress doesn’t fit every event though. It’s definitely not appropriate for formal cocktails, picnics, carnivals and other outdoor events. Definitely avoid wearing a white dress if you are a guest to a wedding.

Almost any accessory goes well with a white dress and you can wear bright and bold accessories too. Chandelier earrings, studded clutches, nude heels, colourful scarves are the perfect additions.

author: Teodora Todorova

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