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Wedding Fashion

One of the formal events which requires a perfect outfit is a wedding. A woman who is a guest at a wedding has a lot of thinking to do – what to wear, how to fit into the theme and make sure she isn’t outshining the bride. There are some basic rules which every woman going to a wedding should consider before choosing her outfit.

The first rule is never to wear white even if it’s a summer wedding and it’s hot outside. White is reserved for the bride and you shouldn’t interfere in that tradition. Even if the bride has chosen a wedding dress that’s not pure white in colour, you should still look for a completely different shade. Another rule to follow is avoiding black – it might be the most classic and formal of all colours, but it looks rather sordid at weddings. Men traditionally wear black tuxedos or suits, so make sure you pick a different shade for your outfit. Some of the perfect choices are dark purple, dark blue and dark red. These are vibrant colours which are easy to dress up.

Your next consideration is the style of your outfit. Consider the theme of the wedding, the location and the weather. If you are going to wear a short dress, make sure it’s little above the knee and it’s not too provocative. Avoid cut-out dresses and transparent fabrics. Wear jewellery which matches the style perfectly and makes you look confident and beautiful. If you are under 40 years old, avoid wearing a hat at a wedding – it could look a bit out of place.

Choose a long dress in a beautiful pattern for an outdoor wedding and a cocktail dress for a winter wedding. Keep the accessories as small and simple as possible – a clutch is just enough for you to look perfect on all official wedding photos.

When it comes to the shoes, yet again consider the place of the wedding. You wouldn’t want to wear stilettos at a beach wedding or high heels that you can’t walk.

author: Teodora Todorova

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