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The Print Dress

For most fashion-forward women the term urban wear signifies freedom, comfort and sex appeal. Urban fashion allows women to wear tighter clothes, show their curves and feel confident about their bodies. Some of the biggest brands in fashion offer urban wear – wide ranges of women’s wear (clothing, footwear and accessories). Without doubt one of the most feminine and timeless pieces of women’s wear is the dress. Short, long or asymmetrical, the urban dress is all about being unique, different and noticeable.

One of the most fabulous pieces a woman could buy is a print dress – there is a huge variety of prints in beautiful colours, which make a woman beautiful, feminine and attractive. Animal print is still quite big in urban wear, but a more subtle version is always the better choice. Just a hint of a snakeskin print or a leopard one can grab the attention, without looking like it’s over the top. Another popular print that never goes out of style is the floral print. Choose smaller prints if you want to slim your figure and bigger prints if you want to create the illusion of having bigger curves. For taller women the paisley print is a great choice. Shorter women should avoid dresses with prints all over and stick to smaller accents.

Whenever you pick a print dress, try to keep the rest of the outfit simple, solid-coloured and balanced. If the dominant print is in blue, for example, pair the dress with a blue bag, a scarf or shoes or choose a colour that compliments blue. Keep in mind that a printed dress is enough of a statement, so you don’t need other printed pieces on you. Avoid mixing studs, glitter and prints – the effect will be off putting, not appealing. Urban wear is about feeling comfortable in one’s clothing, but it’s not about overdoing things.

author: Teodora Todorova

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