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The check shirt revival

Some of you might be relatively surprised to read that but thisyear will see the big revival of the classic check shirt and we are here to give you all the trends and tips you need to know about. We cannot lie - we love a good check shirt, whether it's a dress one, casual or short-sleeved. It's a fashion classic and it's definitely not going to go away any time soon. Having a few well-fitted check shirts in different colours is simply a must.

There really is no need to promote the check shirt - you only have to walk up your High Street for that confirmation. It's literally everywhere. Un-tucked, under blazers, paired with cardigans and jumpers - the check shirt is a fashion basic.

One of the ways the check shirt will see a big revival this year is through smart layering, namely wearing two shirts one over the other. Try a basic black t-shirt underneath an unbuttoned navy or red checked shirt. Or pair a bright-coloured shirt with an off-white t-shirt underneath. 

Aim for smart-casual check combinations - a blazer with a checked shirt underneath for example. Too bold for you? How about a sports jacket with a scarf then? there are multiple ways to bring new life to your old check shirts, or you can head to our shopping department and pick a new one. Or two...Enjoy.

author: Teodora Todorova

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