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Sweaters: Pullover

Hoodies for women are far from baggy, shapeless or dull. They are no longer considered only hip-hop wear or sportswear. Hoodies come in wide ranges of designs, colors and styles. They offer stunning prints and every woman should have at least one hoody in her wardrobe. Materials you can choose from include silk, cotton, cashmere and velour. The hood makes this piece of clothing extremely useful for cold weather, rain and wind. A pullover hoody is comfortable and warm and offers an escape from the traditional winter clothes. It makes a woman look chic and sweet, without trying too hard.

Today women can wear almost any piece of urban clothing which was originally created for men. One of those pieces is the hoody.  It also pairs well with jeans, trousers, leggings and sneakers. It is a versatile piece of casual wear which most women find necessary for their wardrobe these days. You can see many celebrities wearing different designs of pullover hoodies and this is no surprise – they are stylish, yet casual. If you are still contemplating whether to buy a pullover hoody or not, the answer is yes. They will make you look cool and a woman wearing a hoody changes the whole meaning of it. The nice thing about pullover hoodies is that they are made in a way that flatters the woman’s figure.

They are not baggy and loose like the male versions. You can see the popular combination of hoodies and jeans everywhere during autumn and winter, and especially in colleges and universities. You can get a custom pullover hoody in support of your university team or even with your favourite band on it. Women of all ages have started wearing pullover hoodies and most urban wear designers offer a big variety of choices. Hoodies are also easy to take care of in terms of washing and ironing. You can get a hoody for your outdoor activities, as well as one to wear at home. There is nothing better than putting on your warm, comfortable hoody at home after a long day in the cold weather.

Hoodies also tend to hide women’s imperfections. You can work your hoody just as well as a jacket or a coat. Choose one which will flatter your body, in a color which suits you. You can find pullover hoodies in a variety of colors – from soft ones to vibrant colors, solid or with prints and patterns. Stripes and patterns can completely change the look of the pullover hoody; paired with jeans and ballet flats you have a trendy casual look. You can also pair your pullover hoody with a skirt, for a carefree look. Accessories and hoodies can pair well too – choose a big handbag, chunky earrings and even a hair accessory. Remember to wear your hoody with confidence – this will make your personality shine. Browse the collection of pullover hoodies by, compare prices, match and shop.

author: Teodora Todorova

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