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If you are one of those women who cannot survive in winter without a few good sweaters in various styles and colours, then you’ve come at the right place. offers a fine selection of women’s sweaters – from the most worn pieces to the most unique ones.

Urban sweaters are comfortable, functional and affordable. Every woman should have at least a few warm sweaters, making dressing up in the morning much easier. A sweater can be easily layered and worn on top of shirts or underneath cardigans, vests and jackets. The most worn style is the crewneck – it’s flattering to just about any figure and height, it’s versatile and easy to dress up and down. It can be worn with a blazer, with a mini skirt or even on top of a casual everyday dress. It looks best with a scarf on or paired with a leather belt.

Another top choice is the cardigan sweater, returning to the fashion scene over and over again. The cardigan can be worn on top of dress shirts or long-sleeved casual shirts. Aim for a 100% woolen one or a blend of wool for warmth and comfort.

Recently urban oversized sweaters have become quite a big trend among women. Don’t mix them for plus size ones; oversized sweaters are looser and so comfortable every woman can feel at home wearing one. They are usually worn underneath overcoats, on top of a vest or paired with jewellery or another accessory.

Last, but not least, every woman should own a V-neck sweater – it’s flattering, sexy and attractive. It might not be appropriate on the coldest days, but it can be worn on top of a shirt or with a warm knitted scarf. V-necks shouldn’t be too revealing, but just the right balance between comfortable and eye-catching.

author: Teodora Todorova

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