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Summer Daily Style

It's that time of the year again, when every woman can easily pick a dress or a top and pair it with her brightest and funkiest accessories. It's summer and the hot weather allows just about all fashion experiments. Here we have picked a few of our best pieces of womenswear, from the latest collection, and created some perfectly werable outfits for you. 

A crop top in white with cargo shorts in warm brown? That's the perfect attire for a day out in town, shopping or holiday. The oxford shoes in silver and metallic add a little bit of edge to the outfit. The red crossbody bag is the perfect piece to add some bright colour.

A white mini dress with detailing, paired with silver flat sandals and a unique lips-shaped bag. This pretty little outfit will make your day brighter and so much more fun. Get this outfit for your next date night.

Let's not forget that summer is the best time for a night of dancing. The mini dress with studded bustier, paired with this gorgeous pink bag and high heels is an outfit that screams: Take me to the club!


author: Teodora Todorova

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