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Spring Dresses Trends

The spring of 2013 promises to be a great time for women’s urban fashion. New styles and old trends are merging into exciting combinations which inspire women all over the world. The runways present bold patterns, modern twists and classic looks. The warmer months will certainly look and feel even hotter with these trends in spring dresses.

Leather Dresses: A fabric that’s popular for the colder seasons too, leather continues to represent femininity in plenty of variations – from little black dresses to heavy falling cocktail dresses. This spring delicate leather will be one of the biggest trends in women’s wear.

Black and White Dresses: A classic trend which comes back with plenty of twists. This spring black and white, or monochrome, is literally everywhere – maxi dresses elongate the woman’s figure, mini dresses reveal the legs, cocktail dresses present women in their most fabulous way.

Bright-Coloured Dresses: A big return for the bright colours – orange, pink and yellow are dominant hues and women can incorporate these sunny colours in their everyday fashion.

Ruffle Dresses: Ruffles haven’t been very popular in urban wear in the past few seasons, but this spring it’s all about the ruffled sleeves, hems and even side decorations. More demure than florals, the ruffles make women look girly and romantic.

Plaid Dresses: Plaid cocktail dresses and tailored outfits are a big hit this season – you can literally transform your look with a plaid dress. Its main characteristics are lightweight, conservative and feminine.

Lace Dresses: Yet another season lace still rules the urban fashion scene, allowing women to look elegant and versatile. Lace dresses come in a variety of colour and fabric combinations.

Strapless Dresses:  Perfect for summer too, strapless dresses are worn with jackets and blazers in spring, which makes them easily transferred from daywear to club wear. 

author: Teodora Todorova

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