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Spring Colour Trend - Pink

Men are more fashion-forward than ever and they have learned to embrace colours and experiment with them. What better time to wear some pink than spring and summer when the weather’s warm and sunny. And what better background than the urban scene to add some colour splash. Fuchsia, salmon, cerise or rose – whichever hue you pick, the effect will be captivating.

Pink has always been a colour mostly associated with femininity, but the truth is that the biggest and strongest men wear pink too, because they are not afraid to show some class and vulnerability when necessary. Pink has become an important part of the man’s wardrobe, especially when it comes to business casual and office wear. Having a dress button-down shirt in pale pink is absolutely essential. Paired with a navy, black, grey or dark blue suit – this is the combination every man should be aware of.

Pink is the perfect colour for the warmer seasons – it’s stylish, versatile and romantic. A man can wear pink on a date or when out with friends. Pick a subtle shade if you have a darker skin complexion. Pastel pinks are very popular, especially combined with light grey, white and off-white.

An excellent addition to the wardrobe, pink is also popular for shorts, jumpers and accessories. Matte pink can be effortlessly worn with blazers to create a perfect preppy style.  A salmon pink jumper is a statement piece and can be worn to most occasions. Paired with chino shorts and a black polo shirt – pink makes a strong statement.

author: Teodora Todorova

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