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Slimming Clothes

One of the biggest concerns women have is how they look in a piece of clothing. If they don’t feel confident about their bodies, even the trendiest and most beautiful piece of wear cannot be appreciated. Here is a small, but useful guide for those women who would like to master the art of visually slimming their bodies with the right pieces of clothing.

Sheath Dresses: One of the most slimming styles of dresses, the perfect sheath dress is knee long and in a dark colour. The dress should be well-fitted, ideally with a V-neckline. Pick a matte fabric which easily disguises figure flaws.

Pencil Skirts: Many women avoid pencil skirts, afraid that they will only look bigger, but it’s just the opposite. A well-fitted pencil skirt up to the knee makes the legs appear slimmer and longer.

V-Neck Tops: The V-neck beautifully opens up the neckline and elongates the torso and the neck. However, just a V-neck isn’t enough – pick a top style that works well for your figure overall.

Tailored Jacket: Get a single-breasted jacket that’s tailored for you and you will achieve a perfect fit. Bulky fabrics and loose fits can never create that attractive, slimming figure you long for. A well-fitted jacket can also hide certain areas you’re not much proud of.

Straight-Leg Jeans: There are literally hundreds of styles, washes and colours of denim nowadays, but if you really want a slimming style, pick straight-leg jeans in a dark colour (black, dark blue or indigo). The best style is one with plain pockets and containing some Lycra.

Flat-Front Pants: If you want to look slimmer you need to get rid of your pants that have elastic waist. Choose pants that fall straight from your hips, in a dark colour and with no bunching around the stomach or thighs.

Sleek High Heels: The sleek high-heeled pump is the most slimming style and also perfect for petite women. The ideal colours include black, navy and aubergine.

Black Tights: If you don’t own black opaque tights, it’s time to get a pair or two. They make the legs appear much slimmer and look really stylish with black pumps or court shoes. Black tights are equally appropriate with skirts, shorts and dresses.

author: Teodora Todorova

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