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Every woman should have at least several good skirts in her wardrobe. Urban skirts are very popular among younger women and even older women, appreciated for their comfort and style. One of the most versatile outfits is the miniskirt, which can be worn on its own or comfortably paired with tights or leggings. The miniskirt is a must for the summer, a piece which will show off your legs and accentuate your figure when chosen right. For a more romantic, girly look – choose a pleated skirt, or one with ruffles or florals. For a more daring, edgy look – put on a leather skirt or a tulip shape skirt.

Make sure you choose your skirts according to your body shape and age and be aware that there is a huge variety of different skirts, depending on the occasion you need them for. The tulip shape miniskirt looks good on women of all shapes and size. It makes the waistline slimmer and is best when made of light materials, such as cotton, silk or linen. The ruffled skirt is one of the most feminine styles, which looks equally well on women with boyish figures and on those with bigger lower half of the body. If you choose a pencil skirt, don’t aim for a too tight or a too long one.

Think about which cut will suit your figure best and make sure you keep it simple with footwear and accessories, because the pencil skirt is a timeless piece of womenswear and it can make you look fabulous, as well as it can be easily ruined. A more stylish skirt requires high heels, while the casual skirts are easily paired with flats and sandals. If you don’t want to draw much attention to your skirt and legs, pair it with tights and a long cardigan, which will soften your overall look.

On the contrary, an easy way to draw everyone’s attention is the leather skirt. It looks best on tall, slender, curvy figures, paired with a casual top and with a jacket on. The skirt is so versatile that you can create many different looks. For a chic downtown look choose a basic skirt and a plain casual t-shirt. For a sleek evening look a great combination is a black skirt with a v-neck top and a long vintage necklace. A long-sleeved blazer will easily compliment this look.

A summer, floral or print skirt is best paired with a fitted tank, few jewelry and a handbag. For a night out a skirt requires high-heels, such as courts or pumps. Maxi skirts and heels create a big clash, so try to avoid this combination. When wearing one, keep your footwear simple – flats, flip-flops, sandals or wedges.

For a more sophisticated evening look choose a satin skirt, paired with high heels and an elegant one shoulder top. Remember that a woman can never have enough skirts, but make sure you have at least one piece of clothing that matches nicely one of your skirts. You will find a variety of styles, prints and colors in Urbanboss collection of women’s skirts.

author: Teodora Todorova

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