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Shopping for Winter Boots

Without doubt one of the most dreaded task for every woman (and man) once the weather gets cold, but also an absolutely must. Having a quality pair of warm and comfortable winter boots is simply an essential, Therefore, we have decided to give you a quick guide into the shopping basics and some tricks as well. Take a peek int the world of winter fashion, specifically made for the urban scene.

First stop - comfort. Don't fool yourself - winter, even in the mildest of weathers, is still winter. The focus should be n finding a pair of boots that look appropriate for the weather, give you a level of trendiness, yet don't fail to keep your feet warm. Too hard? Well start by checking out the soles - look for sturdy materials and sewn soles. Faux leather would do in some weathers, but for rain and snow make sure you have real leather boots. Heels or no heels - the choice is yours, as long as you can walk (and ideally, run) in them.

Next - colour and shade. There are multiple ways to make a fashion statement in winter. A great scarf or a hat can totally rock your everyday look. Focus on the accessories and make sure the boots fact boots. Forget the wild neon colours you'd normally pick for summer and choose a shade you can easily match with most of what you have in your closet - black, grey, brown, beige, blue, etc. These are timeless colours that will never go out of style, simply because versatility never goes out of style.

Last, but not least - pick quality boots. No trial and error in winter. Happy shopping!

created by Teddy

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author: Teodora Todorova

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