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Sheer Trends

A top trend in women’s urban wear this spring is sheer clothing – daring, feminine and ultra-sexy. It seems that everyone is wearing sheer shirts these days and no wonder – they are the perfect urban statement.

Sheer clothing breaks the rules of conservatism and can often come across as controversial but one thing is certain – it’s eye-catching and memorable. For the past 6 years the sheer trend has evolved immensely and now its place in urban fashion is bigger than ever. Sheer clothing is a combination between delicate and seductive.

How can you sport that trend without baring too much skin? One of the safest ways is to pick clothing with sheer detailing and elements that are subtle and not too revealing – the neckline, the sleeves or the legs. Don’t wear sheer from top to bottom though.

If you don’t feel completely comfortable in transparent clothing, opt for translucent and other delicate embellishments. Keep the rest of the outfit balanced and sleek – minimum accessories and neutrals. With neutral sheer clothing and relaxed lines you can create a classy and timeless look.

When wearing see-through tops, make sure you layer it on top of statement lingerie or another sheer undergarment. Put a blazer on top of a sheer blouse to keep the look subtle and balanced. Choose fabrics such as chiffon, lace and tulle and make sure you differentiate between day outfits and nighttime clothing.

Sheer clothing sends a strong message about its wearer – it’s provocative and allows a perfect transition from semi-formal to casual. For summer, embrace the lightweight materials and don’t be afraid to wear oversized shirts and trousers – they are ultra-sexy.

Sheer clothing is about showing your body off so embrace it fully and create beautiful outfits for spring and summer with it.

author: Teodora Todorova

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