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Quick tips: Women's Tops

Casual Tops - The best choice for casual every day wear includes plain t-shirts. Usually made of cotton these basic tops can be with prints or plain. They are one of the most affordable pieces of women's wear and are usually worn at informal occasions.

Dressy Tops - The so called dress shirts, tops and blouses suit dressier events, can be worn at work and as work uniform. They can be more expensive than the basic tops, but are an absolute must for every woman's wardrobe.

Party Tops - These tops come in a variety of designs, prints, colours and textures, they are usually more revealing and sexy and their goal is to emphasize the best parts of a woman's body. Also known as clubwear, they are perfect for evening occasions.

Crew-Neck - These tops have a rounded neckline and no collar. These tops are worn at various events and are especially suitable for women with short necks or heavier bodies.

Scoop Neck - These tops have a curved U shape and are perfect for women with small busts and narrow shoulders. Dress tops, as well as plain shirts are produced with scoop neck. This type of tops should be avoided by women with long slim necks and narrow faces.

V-Neck - A really popular neckline style for summertime tops. Generally, all types of women can wear dressy tops and plain t-shirts with V-necks, as it elongates the neck and gives the woman a nice, thin silhouette.

Square Neck - Forming a square-shaped frame around the collarbone, this type of tops can flatter any body shape and size and provide a sophisticated frame to the woman's upper body.

author: Teodora Todorova

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