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Quick tips: Women's Jackets

#1 - Wear trench coats on rainy days as they are perfect for wet weather. Trench coats are fashion staples and the urban woman feels comfortable and looks stylish.

#2 - Urban outerwear for women is often an overlooked category, when it shouldn't be. Jackets, coats, hoodies and vests are a must for the urban wardrobe.

#3 - The best thing about women's urban outerwear is that it looks amazing when paired with other urban pieces of clothing: sweaters, shirts, denim, etc.

#4 - The leather jacket is the ultimate urban outerwear - it's durable, sexy and flattering. Chosen right, it can be worn by women with literally any body shape.

#5 - Different textures for outerwear are suitable for different occasion. Cotton says comfort, faux fur says luxury and a vintage feel, wool signifies class and dressier style, suede is for a dressed-up feeling in between casual and formal, parkas are sportier and perfect for weekend activities and all sorts of travelling.

#6 - Length - a longer jacket will keep you warmer, a shorter one will make you look sexier and more casual.

#7 - The perfect alternatives to coats for the milder cold days are jackets and blazers. A blazer pairs well with jeans, skirts and dresses.

#8 - In really cold weather women's urban wear can be paired with scarves, gloves and hats.

author: Teodora Todorova

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