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Quick tips: Women's Bottoms

#1 Washing jeans - Wash dark denim at low temperature with a washing liquid to prevent fading too quickly.

#2 Freshing up the colour - By using a fabric dye for denim you can freshen up the colour of your favourite jeans and use them for a few more years. The dye is available in any colour and it suits all fabrics.

#3 What to do when the jeans are too tight - Dampening the fabric will stretch the denim. You could also stretch the jeans with hands and then do some aerobics while wearing them. This method is really effective and will loosen them up enough.

#4 Jeans for your shape - For a slim body the best choice is skinny jeans (long and tight at the ankle); for an hourglass figure get boot-cut or wide legged jeans; if you have a brick-like shape wear boyfriend jeans, as they will enhance your hips area.

#5 Wearing shorts in summer - Wearing short and sexy pants in summer is a must, but avoid pairing shorts with really high spiky heels. The rule is that the surface area of your heels has to be smaller than the area of the shorts.

#6 What kind of shorts to choose - Denim is not the only option for summer shorts. You can also opt for khaki, cotton, linen or twill. Choose a fabric which will allow you to move comfortably enough and won't bother you in the heats.

#7 Shorts for different occasions - Choose shorts wisely. There are more basic ones in plain colours for everyday wear, and ones with studs and denim wash for clubbing. There are also those for outdoor activities and sports, so choose the right ones depending on your needs and lifestyle. Don't wear studded shorts to the gym, or plain cotton ones to a nightclub.

#8 Complete the look - Add some fun accessories to create some edge and grab everyone's attention. Pair shorts with a shirt and add a bulky necklace. Gather your hair into a ponytail for a more polished look. Wear suspenders for an interesting contrast to the shorts.

author: Teodora Todorova

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