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Quick Tips: Men's Shirts

#1 The top consideration for choosing a man’s shirt is the fit. It’s what can make or break the entire look. Men’s urban shirts are versatile and the number of outfits is endless. Oversized shirts look better on men with a bigger frame.

#2 Largely a matter of personal choice, choosing the colour does have some basic rules: pick a tone that will compliment your skin tone and won’t clash with the rest of the attire. Don’t mix too many bright colours – colour blocking has its own rules too.

#3 Having at least two dress shirts is a must. Paired with jeans or slacks, it’s all about the fabric and the colour. Every man looks better in a dress shirt that is the right fit and the right colour.

#4 V-neck shirts bring attention to the face of a man. If you want to make a lasting impression, wear with a blazer or a cardigan on top of it.

#5 Cotton and cotton blends are preferable for casual shirts. Linen is also a good choice of a fabric, especially for spring and summer – it’s a breathable material that will give you freedom of movement and confidence.

#6 Urban shirts can be paired with ties too – don’t overdo it do, it’s called casual wear for a reason.

#7 Pair urban shirts with scarves, jewellery and layer them with other clothing. This is the charm of urban wear – the freedom to experiment and accessorize.

author: Teodora Todorova

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