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Quick Tips: Men's Jackets

#1 Choose the Colour:Pick a jacket in a colour that will blend with most of your outfits – black, brown, grey or dark blue. A colour that is always in fashion is the safest choice, because you can dress it up or down with the rest of your clothes and accessories.

#2 Consider Your Body Type:If you have broader shoulders wear a duster or a trench coat. If you are not that bulky, pick a leather jacket. Consider the length of the jacket and where you will wear it mostly. Moreover, the sleeve length has to be right too - never beyond your wrist line.

#3 The Importance of Fabric: The right fabric will create the whole look – dressy, professional, trendy or casual. Avoid materials that look too shiny and soft for a jacket that you will wear on a daily basis.

#4 The Bomber Style:It’s the perfect jacket for men with broad and lean shoulders, with plenty of area in the chest area – allowing enough movement. The padding of this jacket is thicker, usually made of fleece or sheepskin.

#5 The Straight Jacket Style:This simple style can accentuate a man’s figure and make it look tall and lean. It’s best for men with a thick mid-section of the body.

#6 The Motorcycle Style:  A great style for tall men, it usually has multiple pockets and zippers. Available in a wide range of colours, the motorcycle jacket can look good on just about any man.

author: Teodora Todorova

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