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Quick Tips: Men's Footwear

#1 Urban footwear is strictly casual wear, although some pairs can be worn to semi-formal events. If you want to wear urban footwear as formal one, pick a pair in a darker colour.

#2 Wear sneakers in town, to bars and night clubs, but choose a pair of shoes or classic sneakers for a date.

#3 A bright pair of shoes will grab attention, so make sure that’s the effect you are looking for when purchasing such a pair. Studs, prints and colourful laces have that effect too.

#4 If you want a durable pair of urban footwear, stick to leather and suede shoes. They add class to one’s style and are perfectly comfortable. Suede is not the perfect material for wet weather though, so keep that in mind.

#5 Avoid wearing styles in town that are clearly made for a stage performance. This type of footwear is not always adaptable to everyday use and can look inadequate.

#6 You can find some of the best running shoes in urban footwear collections. Running sneakers are generally bulkier and with a bolder design.

#7 As a general rule, make sure you choose and wear shoes that are at least a shade darker than your pants.

#8 Have at least two pairs of sneakers – one more formal and classier and then other a more urban and athletic style.

author: Teodora Todorova

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