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Quick tips: Men's Bottoms

#1 - Choosing the best jeans: Base your choice on the jeans' wash, your body shape and the occasion. Urban jeans can be worn on a daily basis, but be careful as some of them are too casual.

#2 - Pairing urban jeans with your other clothes: The best combinations are with a dark-colored blazer, a basic or printed shirt or a sweater. Jeans are extremely versatile, so it won't be hard to create a variety of looks.

#3 - Taking care of denim: wash denim regularly, but do not over wash it. You can also use fabric dye to freshen up the colour after a while.

#4 - Leave the skinny jeans to the ladies, or if you want to wear those, then at least keep them for nightlife.

#5 - Acid wash, ripped jeans and faded colours pair best with solid-coloured t-shirts or pastel colours.

#6 - Keep the belt in mind when you are buying jeans. Some belts won't fit in the loops of some jeans, so bring the belt you use the most with you when you go shopping.

#7 - Wear shorts with sandals or sneakers and remember that they are strictly casual wear.

#8 - When you choose jeans or trousers, make sure they cover your ankles and socks. Baggy jeans are not suitable for sport, keep them for walks in town and shopping.

#9 - Shorts and jeans will flatter your body much more if you choose them with back pockets.

#10 - When you shop online choose designs and types of jeans and shorts you are familiar with and you know that they look good on you. If you something more different and braver, then you need to know in advance whether it will suit your body shape, style and the occasion you are buying it for.

author: Teodora Todorova

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