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Quick Tips: Ladies' Intimates

#1 Know your size: When you are shopping for intimates it’s vital to know your right size, otherwise the lingerie will fit poorly which can cause discomfort and even problems.

#2 Know your needs: Do you really need luxury lingerie on a daily basis? If not, then make sure you invest in intimates that you can wear daily and will feel and look great.

#3 Know your budget: You can buy a bundle of lingerie which is wearable and affordable or one piece which will break the bank and you will only put on a few times a year. The choice is yours – it all depends on your current financial situation.

#4 Know the styles: There are so many different styles of intimates, that you will literally need a guide. Vests, cami tops, babydolls, push-up and padded bras, bikinis, boxers and thongs – know the difference and buy what makes you look and feel good.

#5 Choose the colour: It’s best to have lingerie in various colours and not just neutrals. Consider that some of it might be visible underneath sheer shirts or dresses so choose wisely.

#6 Know the fabrics: The material of the intimates is one of the most important factors. You can choose among cotton, silk, nylon, satin and various blends of spandex and polyester. Some fabrics simply won’t suit your body so it’s best to avoid them.

#7 Be brave: Once in a while go for a piece of lingerie that simply grabs your attention, even if it’s quite bold and in a style that’s not for everyday wear. Urban fashion is all about the freedom to look great and feel even better.

author: Teodora Todorova

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