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Quick tips: Dresses

#1 How to match dresses and accessories - The style of the dress determines the right accessories for it. If you are wearing a cocktail dress, choose delicate, fine pieces of jewelry (pearls, silver, crystals). A one-shoulder dress looks best with long chandelier earrings and no necklaces. A cocktail ring is usually enough to add some glamour to every evening outfit. A V-neck dress pairs best with a bracelet and earrings. Everyday dresses can be paired with bigger jewelry: belts, hats, bangles, pendants. Always choose accessories in a way that they don't stand out more than the dress itself.

#2 How to choose the right dress for your body shape - If you are tall and slim, choose a peplum or a skater short dress. If you are short, choose a mid-length dress in a darker colour. If you have a bigger bust, choose a dress that wraps around the body, or a maxi one.

#3 Which are the most flattering dresses - The dresses which can flatter visually any body shape are: maxi boho dresses, mid-length skater dresses and tulip-shaped dresses.

#4 When to shop for dresses - Shop for summer dresses in winter to get the latest fashion in advance and to pay less. Buy your winter warmer dresses in late summer.

#5 How to choose between a few similar dresses - Choose the one whose colour you can match with more of your accessories and shoes. If that's not an option, then choose the most versatile dress - one you can wear in autumn with a leather jacket, in winter with a pair of tights and a cardigan and on a night out in spring or summer.

#6 How to choose a cocktail dress - Choose a dress type you are familiar with - one you can easily move in, dance in and that flatters your body shape. Don't choose a dress that is too frilly or see through, especially if you want to use it more than once.

#7 How to choose an everyday dress - Choose a dress which is above all comfortable. Choose a cheerful, flattering colour and keep it simple - zippers, ribbons and studs can be a bit too much when you simply want to go shopping or to the cinema. Choose a dress which will give you freedom and matches your everyday lifestyle.

#8 What's the right colour for your skin -If you have a pale or light skin tone, you can wear literally any colour: brights and pales equally. If you are with a darker complexion choose dresses in green, blue, white or yellow.

author: Teodora Todorova

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