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There is no other piece in a woman’s wardrobe that is quite as versatile as the printed dress. Choosing the right printed dress can be tricky, when one is not aware of the correct proportions for their size. If you have a petite figure, look for prints which will balance your size – small to medium designs. If you are tall, you can choose almost any print, as long as it doesn’t accentuate a part of your body you don’t want to show off with.

Print dresses are nicely paired with leather jackets, tights and simple jewelry. One of the most popular prints are the animal prints. There is a big variety of animal patterns, such as leopard, zebra and tiger. Wearing an animal print dress shows your sexy and brave character. Not many women dare to wear such a dress, because of the amount of attention it attracts. However, a carefully chosen animal print can make you look fabulous and become your strongest fashion statement, without much effort. When you are wearing an animal print dress, try sticking to the idea of nature, and add an ethnic element such as metal or wood bangles or earrings.

Matching an animal print is not an easy job, choose a basic color such as black, white or beige. One element with an animal print is quite enough, so don’t ruin your overall outfit by mixing patterns. The key to wearing prints, especially animal prints, is to keep it simple.

Bohemian prints as well as Aztec patterns are the big fashion of 2011, so consider buying a dress in prints you’ve never tried before and pair it with leather or ruffled bag, boots or gladiator sandals and a big hat. This is the total trendy look of this year’s summer and often worn at music festivals too. Bohemian print dresses are really adaptable and will compliment your figure, age and overall style. They are also easily paired with a big variety of garments and accessories, depending on the occasion. Print dresses look equally good at summer weddings, beach picnics, holiday strolls in a resort and on a night out.

Having a few print dresses is a must for the truly fashionable woman. Tribal, animal, paisley, graphic and multicolored prints will bring freshness to your wardrobe and surely make you stand out. If you don’t want to risk looking ordinary during an outdoor occasion, choose a tribal print dress. It will take your style to the next level and give you a vibrant, colorful look.

Choose your accessories to match the dominant color of the dress, don’t be afraid of bold necklaces and dangling earrings, they will look fabulous together. Make sure the fabric you choose will keep you cool, allow enough easiness of movement and give you a nice soft touch. Print dresses are beautiful, original and playful. Choose from the wide range of print dresses by Urbanboss.

author: Teodora Todorova

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