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Pink in Summer

Without doubt the most feminine colour is pink and it works best in the warmest month, i.e. summer. It's that perfect time of the year when every woman wants to feel sexy and confident. Pink has that power - adding more colour and fun to an outfit.

Here we have picked nine of our best pink dresses to share with you, along with some advice on how to wear, mix and match. Because there is nothing sexier than a pink dress on a happy woman. The hot pink skater dress with lace detailing around the waist is a top choice for jut about any daily activity in town. Comfortbale and feminine, it's also quite affordable. The pink maxi dresses are extremely convenient for holidays, travelling and lazy summer afternoons. The sequin pink dress is the right choice for a night out - sexy and flattering, it's a dress to wear with ultimate confidence. 

Pick one of these gorgeous dresses for your summer wardrobe and you won't regret it.


author: Teodora Todorova

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