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Oversizing - Men's Fashion Trend

Menswear designers have always been experimenting with proportions and sizes but today more than ever this is a trend that we can’t ignore. The oversizing trend is everywhere – on the catwalk, in the street, in nightclubs. What is particularly good about this trend is that the wearer can choose how to embrace it – whether to follow the established rules or break them. Oversizing comes in the category of formal and street wear, but depending on the pieces it can even be worn for semi-formal occasions.

So how does one get the oversized look? Let’s seek some fashion advice from the Italians, who manage to dress in flowing and relaxed garments and always stay on trend. The key attitude to wearing oversized menswear is confidence.

An important factor is the choice of material – a heavier texture is more suited for tailored, sharp lines, whereas lighter texture is perfect for flowing designs and oversizing. When choosing clothes for an oversized look, pick different tones and materials.

The clothes you can use include: jeans, cardigans, jumpers, loose fitting t-shirts, cargo pants, linen trousers, chinos with pockets, lace-up shoes, loafers, coats, etc. Try different combinations but make sure you look chic, not shapeless. Oversizing is a great urban trend which can flatter every man’s frame because of its versatility.

Example look 1: An oversized t-shirt in a pastel color, a solid-colored knitted cardigan, oversized chinos and loafers.

Example look 2: Wool trousers, an oversized knitted jumper, lace-up shoes and a coat.

author: Teodora Todorova

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