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One Shoulder Dresses

Urbanboss offers a fantastic range of women’s wear. Choose from a collection of vibrant, sexy and casual dresses for any event. A one shoulder dress is a great choice for your wardrobe. The one shoulder is a big fashion statement, so refrain from putting many accessories around the neckline. Opt for long earrings, a chic clutch and a pair of great shoes. This will create your ultimate classy, but sexy look. For a soft and romantic look, choose light fabrics, such as chiffon or a pleated dress.

Don’t be afraid to choose a bright-colored one shoulder dress, it will accentuate your tan and bring instant attention to you. Emerald, red and blue are all good choices. Remember that the one shoulder dress requires a strapless bra. Straps can ruin the intended look of the one shoulder. This dress should also be worn for itself, and not layered with other clothes. Cardigans, jackets and shawls are not needed, because they won’t show off the upper side of your body, but rather hide it.

You may want to consider wearing this type of dress only during the warmer seasons. Keep accessories simple and you will be surprised at how chic and classy your look will be.

Your hair needs to be styled in a way which will compliment the exposure of that one shoulder. Any updo will show off this look, as long as you don’t cover your shoulders and neckline with your hair. If you are trying this style for the first time and you are not sure about the color, then choose a solid-colored piece, such as black, magenta or cream.

Chic elements can be the beading on the one shoulder or ruffles. You can even put a belt, to showcase your waist, like many celebrities do. The one shoulder dress will also show off your legs, so consider the right length for you. Whether you like animal prints, florals, or metallic material, make sure you choose the fabric which will allow you freedom of movement and make you feel yourself.

Individuality is a must when you go for a dress like this. Many one shoulder dresses will also reveal a part of your back, so consider putting a more covering piece for a cocktail party or restaurant, and keep the revealing one for clubbing only.

The great thing about the one shoulder dress is the combination of sexy and innocent, simplicity and glamour at its best. It will definitely draw attention to your face and make you shine wherever you go. Tight fitting or a flowing design – it is up to you.

The one shoulder dress is a fashion style which easily transforms from the catwalk into real life and this has turned it into such a popular trend, giving a fabulous asymmetrical look. Once you wear a one shoulder dress, you will realize you definitely need more than one of these in your wardrobe.

Choose a basic little black dress with one shoulder and one in a vibrant color, which will make you stand out for the evening. Compare prices and choose today from our collection of beautiful urban One shoulder dresses.

author: Teodora Todorova

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Review: Long, but worth the read definitely. Just one of the best advice out there for one-shoulder dresses, which are pretty specific and you need to know how to pick and wear one. Like the useful tips especially about the accessoizing. Good stuff!
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