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New Year's Eve Fashion

Dear men, stop wondering and start shopping, because New Year's Eve is almost upon us and if there is one requirement for it it's to look awesomely trendy and comfortable. Perhaps the first more than the second but we are sure you can figure that out along the way.

There have been quite a few trends circulating this December, as a preparation and reminder of the biggest party night of the year. If you have missed them while Christmas hopping we are here to help you with some quick and super practical fashion advice.

Pick the right shirt - we are suggesting dark green, black or silver silk. It's just that New Year's Eve is such a glamorous time you need to fit in and stand out a little bit too. Put on that gorgeous black blazer that you feel most comfortable in. Pick shoes you can dance in easily - not too pointy and not too sporty.

Accessorize - it's New Year's Eve after all. Some glamour never hurts anybody. And enjoy it!

author: Teodora Todorova

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