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Men's Streetwear

Men’s Streetwear is truly fascinating – it incorporates a wide variety of trends and encourages personal style like no other fashion. The original idea of streetwear is not to spend too much on clothes and not to look like you are trying too hard, but to create your own style and build your own trends.

The evolution of streetwear has been significant and nowadays there is a new type of streetwear, an inseparable part of menswear, which is fresh, cool and relaxed. Streetwear represent the true style on the streets and it doesn’t copy high fashion. This way it stays close to the urban culture, to the youth and the popular art and music.

Streetwear cannot really be classified as it blends a variety of influences and produces smart cuts, comfortable and fitted clothing, as well as hip-hop and sportswear. Streetwear is extremely versatile and affordable, which makes it sought all over the world. More and more designers of menswear have come to realize that the future of the fashion industry is in the real men on the street. Streetwear gives its wearers the opportunity to dress up or down the pieces of clothing.


Streetwear is for men of all ages and occupation. Cardigans, fitted blazers, double-breasted jackets, crewneck t-shirts, slim-fit or skinny jeans, colourful jeans, trainers, loafers, accessories – these top picks of autumn 2012 are some of the must haves for every style savvy man. Streetwear fashion is not only about clothes, it is also about your attitude, hairstyle, the choice of accessories and your imagination.

author: Teodora Todorova

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