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Men's Skinny Jeans

One of the biggest fashion debates when it comes to menswear is whether skinny jeans should be worn by men or only women can pull off that look. Skinny jeans have been a huge trend for years now and more and more men consider getting a pair.

It seems that only a certain type of mindset allows a man to purchase a pair and then wear it with the utmost confidence – the hip man who follows trends and likes experimenting with fashion. Moreover, it often looks like mostly tall and skinny men dare to wear skinny jeans. One of the worries that men have is how “skinny” skinny jeans actually are. Skinny jeans look best in a dark colour like black, navy or indigo or even dark green, paired with a blazer, a suit jacket, a jumper or a shirt. Consider that skinny jeans belong to casual wear and it’s best to avoid wearing them at the office. Try to choose skinny jeans that actually fit you and you can move in them freely. The fabric should hug the legs, not squash them. If you choose a pair that has a bit of elastin, this will ensure easier movement.

When trying on the jeans for the first time try to jump up and down – this is a great test to see how well they fit you and how you feel in them. Above all, choose a fit that is complementary to your body. If that’s skinny then make sure you keep the rest of the outfit balanced and stylish. Not everyone accepts skinny jeans and some men might even laugh at you, but if they are comfortable, make you look great and they fit your personal style, then there is no reason against wearing them.

author: Teodora Todorova

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From: Linda
Review: Always thought skinny jeans are a no-zone for men, but this article sorta proves it wrong. Doesn't look that bad!
Rating: 5/5 stars
I will: Recommend this article.