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When it comes to urban wear it seems that many people fail to understand the concept of this fashion stream. It’s quite simple – urban wear is everything that can be seen worn in town, including street wear and hip-hop fashion. It’s a casual type of fashion, which values comfort, affordability and expresses your true self. One of the concerns is that urban wear is too accessible nowadays, making it almost impossible to own a truly unique piece. However, when you have one shopping engine which offers the latest collections of the biggest urban brands, it’s only a matter of time and persistence whether you will find the right piece of clothing. has a vast men’s fashion section which is not to be overlooked. Let’s take a look at the collection of men’s urban shirts and what makes them different and special. Men’s shirts are roughly divided into categories based on brand, colour, style and shop. Therefore, one can find everything from Adidas to Rocawear, from Timberland to Eddie Bauer and Nike. It’s a huge collection of button-down, short-sleeved, pattern and classic men’s shirts. The urban shirts are appropriate for date nights, nights out dancing, shopping in town, travelling, university days and any other casual setting.

Men’s urban shirts can be worn together with chinos, jeans, shorts, blazers, sports jackets, leather jackets, sweaters, cardigans and experimenting with colour is also accepted. Urban shirts can be paired with accessories and jewellery for making a bold statement. Be careful when wearing a print shirt – try to keep the rest of the outfit rather neutral and let the shirt do the talking.

author: Teodora Todorova

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