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Men's Coloured Denim

One of the most debatable topics in menswear in the past few years has been coloured denim. Most men can tell the difference between usual denim and the coloured one and especially the occasions that both types are suitable for. The truth is, it’s been claimed that coloured denim should only stay in the woman’s wardrobe. When it comes to jeans, men often struggle before finding that one perfect pair which fits them great. After that they wear it until it’s totally worn off. The classic indigo denim is present in almost all men’s wardrobes.

There are, however, various other options when it comes to the colour of men’s denim. Blue comes in plenty of different shades – navy, teal, aquamarine are quite poplar for men’s denim. They can be worn for casual events and paired just as easily as the more classic denim shades. Then there’s green and red (especially maroon and burgundy) which have become quite popular as well. These choices bring some colour into the otherwise dull and ordinary male outfits. Gray denim is also quite popular and more easily accepted by men as it doesn’t look as bright as blue and green.

The good thing about coloured denim is that it can be worn in all seasons. Paired with t-shirts, blazers, jumpers, suit jackets or even dress shirts, coloured denim is a great addition to one’s wardrobe and it can really complement a man’s style.

When you wear coloured denim you need to be careful not to put on too much colour. Before buying a pair of coloured jeans, think what you are going to pair them with and let this lead you.

author: Teodora Todorova

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From: Kristie
Review: The best of urban styles in the past few years. I love men in coloured jeans - just adding some colour make all the difference. So much better than the boring blue or washed-out.
Rating: 5/5 stars