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Ladies' Skirts Quick Tips

#1 A-Line Skirt: This style flatters every figure and can be dressed up or down. You can pair it with a cotton shirt or a short jacket.

#2 Knee Length Skirt: This style looks best on very thin women, so it’s smarter to avoid it altogether. Try a skirt that’s at least slightly above or below the knee. This will lengthen your legs.

#3 A Wide Belt: A wide belt is the perfect choice for most skirts – whether it’s a neutral solid-coloured one or in a brighter colour, make sure the belt is not worn too tightly.

#4 Long Skirt: In order to wear a longer skirt and walk easier in it, make sure it has a slit on the side, front or back of the skirt. The slit will not only help you move, but it will also elongate your legs.

#5 The Right Shoes: Even the perfect skirt can look dull and unimpressive, if you don’t pick the right pair of shoes for it. The longer the skirt, the higher the heel can be.

#6 The Casual Look: Pick a long or short denim skirt and pair it with flats, wedges or even trainers. The casual skirt can also make you look younger.

#7 The Professional Look: The best style is the pencil skirt, paired with a dress shirt and a blazer in a solid colour. For a little more edge, try a high waisted pencil skirt.

#8 The Flirty/Sexy Look: Pick a short tight skirt or a frilly one and wear the right underwear, so it doesn’t cause any lines.

author: Teodora Todorova

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