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How to Wear White

This spring and summer the all-white outfits are back. Pure white, ivory, sheer fabrics – the warmest seasons promise to be trendier than ever. If you want to have this crisp silhouette without too much effort, a white dress or top is just what you need. White trends have gone through significant evolution throughout the years and right now some of them cannot even be defined. But one thing is certain – white is a sunny colour and perfect for spring and summer.

One of the statements of this season is the all-white ensemble – showing impeccable sense of style and flawless taste. White is already taking over the modern urban environment – white accents, detailing, lace, nude fabrics and even pure white accessories.

Needless to say, white is one of the most feminine shades for a woman and one of the best choices is white lace – a fabric like no other. The clean lines, the feminine silhouette and the delicate tone suit all women. The appeal and effect of white lace can also be enhanced with unique accessories.

Then there is tough white, which is a different shade and not so soft. Tough whites appear edgy and more powerful. You can try oversized pants, high heels and contrast with blue, black and red.

For the bravest urban women, there is the full-on sheer fabric which is perfect for spring and summer. It showcases the skin, yet remains comfortable and balanced. Sheerness is one of the ultimate trends of 2013 – worn during the day and at nighttime.

From handbags to clutches and from jewelry to scarves, the white accessories will take over this spring and summer. Enrich your style with a stylish white bag and draw the attention to your legs with white high heels.

An all-white outfit is usually tricky to wear and dress up, so you might want to try some colour combinations. Pair white with metallic elements, pastel colours and bright ones such as orange, pink and red.

author: Teodora Todorova

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