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How to Choose a Handbag

Consider your lifestyle and what you will need the bag for? Going out with friends, date nights, for work? If you work in an office you need a sturdier bag, larger than medium size, ideally made of quality leather. The reason for that is because a 9 to 5 job can totally ruin your bag. Commuting, eating out and hanging your bag on your work chair will cause some wear and tear quite quickly, so you need a resilient and quality bag. Save the designer bag for more special occasions and buy a shoulder bag or a leather tote.

If you want a true fashion statement buy a handbag in red, purple or teal – these three colours are always big in accessories. Attractive and bright – that’s what an urban handbag should be like. It’s great if you manage to pair the bag with your shoes, belt or hat.

Stick to medium-sized and small bags in summer, made of softer fabric. In winter it’s best to carry a bigger bag, where you can fit gloves and an umbrella.

After you choose the handbag, take good care of it. Don’t put it on the floor and when you are not using it, fill it with crushed newspaper and put it in a bag in the wardrobe. This will preserve it from moist and dust and will ensure that its shape is still like new next time you use it.

The urban handbag is a true representation of the woman wearing it – fashionable, unique and trendy.

author: Teodora Todorova

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