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How to Change Your Style

Since the blog is primarily focused on giving you hands-on advice and information on trends and style, we need to give one more useful tip. We often hear women and men complain of their style, being too ordinary and not evolving much. Therefore, our latest trends don't seem very relevant, if customers are not brave enough.

We are here to tell you how you can quickly change that and turn your style from daily to memorable. Start with the accessories - a very over-looked area by both men and women. Accessories are literally the easiest way to freshen up just about any look. Moreover, they are more affordable than a whole new outfit. Choose different pieces that you can easily match with your outfits, but also experiment with colours, ornaments and fabrics.

Next up, change your silhouette. If you always go for loose fighting clothes, try some slim-fit. If you prefer skin-tight pieces, try some oversized ones. This change will let you feel in a whole different way.

Stay tuned for Part 2 and remember - be yourself.

author: Teodora Todorova

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