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High Heels Shopping Guide

Without doubt the most glamorous style of shoes for women is the high heels – they are sexy, feminine and elongate your legs. The only problem is that some pairs are not comfortable at all and with each step you start hating them. If you want to strut a pair of killer heels, you need to shop wisely and find the pair that is your right fit and in a shape that you can walk in.

Urban high-heeled shoes come in a variety of styles, materials and colours. The accent is on easy movement and unique design. If you want high heels that are worth the money and you will wear a lot, pay particular attention to the heel. Pick a pair that has a rubber layer on the heel – this prevents slippage and makes walking considerably easier. The insole lining of a great pair of high heels is made of leather and the lining covers the entire inside of the shoe. Look for a pair with leather insole, not a synthetic material that won’t even absorb moisture. Avoid high heels made of plastic or nylon, because they get quite uncomfortable after a few walks.

In addition to the material, you should also choose high heels that will suit your figure and make you look great. If you have long legs, don’t choose pointy-toed high heels – they will make you look even higher and they are uncomfortable for women with wide feet as well. If your legs are short, avoid ankle strap shoes and t-strap high heels. Choose an open-toed pair or a pair in nude which will make your legs appeal lean and long. For women with large ankles, any type of ankle strap will attract attention to this area; a much better choice is pump heels.

It’s worth spending a little more on basics and classic pumps, ideally black or nude. These are timeless pairs that are perfect for a wide range of occasions. Moreover, make sure you have a great pair of high heels for an interview, work or internship – investing in a quality pair that is also comfortable will go a long way when it comes to professional reputation.

author: Teodora Todorova

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