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Female trend setter: fashion tips

Nowadays most young people are quite conscious about their clothes and fashion in general. Urban wear gives young people the opportunity to experiment with fabrics, colours and various prints. What are some of the tips that a young trend setter should follow?

First and foremost, understand that fashion is not only about quantity. Pick quality materials and designs, which you can easily pair with other pieces in your wardrobe. Understand the importance of accessories – a different piece will bring attention to your overall outfit and make it look like it’s completely new. Forget about what everyone else is following and be your own designer. Instead of blending in with the crowd, take risks and stand out. One bold piece in a vibrant colour or in a big size is enough of a statement.

Understand that the best fashion trend is the one that suits you and makes you look and feel better. Fashion pieces that allow layering and are versatile include: blazers, cardigans and oversized knitwear. Wear materials and colours that are not typical for the season, i.e. linen and light cotton in winter and bright, vibrant colours on cold days. Big scarves, hats and oversized bags are always in fashion – wear them with confidence.

Invest in nice small accessories, such as headdresses, collars and snoods. A studded or beaded collar can be the perfect addition to your everyday dress shirt. Buy a hat that represents your style and is versatile – in black, grey or burgundy. Remember that an accessory doesn’t need to be in a complimenting colour with the rest of your outfit, but it can even be multicoloured.

author: Teodora Todorova

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