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Eddie Bauer Men's Shirts

We are taking a close look at the collection of Eddie Bauer men's shirts and we believe that they can appeal to just about any man looking to add a fresh piece of clothing to their wardrobe. What makes us pay closer attention to Eddie Bauer? The fact that thi brand never fails to impress. Their strength is not in the graphics and patterns, it's in the combination of everyday and quality. Eddie Bauer makes shirts for real men - those who go to work, go out after that and enjoy a weekend in the outdoors. The shirts are comfortable and come in various fits. Slim fit and classic fit are the most popular picks though, simply because they come as a natural extension of a man's body, accentuating the shoulders and the frame. 

We are big fans of the light blue classic fit shirts with short sleeves. They can be worn under a jumper  or a cardigan - that's how comfortable they are. The long-sleeved ones can be tucked in jeans or khakis and the belt needs to be picked carefully too.

Eddie Bauer is all about the comfort and the charm of the everyday casual. Happy shopping!

author: Teodora Todorova

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