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Dressing Elegantly - Men's fashion

There is a saying which claims that you can never be too overdressed and it is best to put some more effort than to look too casual. When it comes to urban wear there is a difference between elegantly casual and just casual. If you want to be taken seriously put some thought into your outfits and make yourself look presentable.

The first rule of dressing elegantly is to have a reason for it, or a special occasion for it. If you overdress for a Friday night house party you risk looking inadequate and trust us, you don’t want to do that. Same goes for shopping in town or going to the cinema. Make comfort your first need and elegance second. However, if you really need to look your best, you can still make use of your urban wear if you know how to dress up successfully.

Choose one item that is elegant and classy and build your entire outfit on it. It could be a dress shirt or a pair of shoes, or a nice blazer. Whatever the garment, the rest of your attire should complement it, not clash with it.

Accessorize your look and you can have great results. Sometimes what we lack is a leather bag or a stylish scarf, which can really set the tone of the entire look. Always have that one bright accessory that you feel confident pairing with anything.

Don’t forget that being elegant is also about your hairstyle, grooming and manners. Elegance is all about feeling comfortable in your own clothes and showing good taste at any situation and occasion.

author: Teodora Todorova

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From: Jeff
Review: Good advice. I like the part with grooming and manners. let's not forget it's not all about the colours.
Rating: 5/5 stars
I will: Recommend this article.